The Great Divide

By the Bay Production Co

This is my first Blog so please be bear with me. I am struggling to keep up with technology. I know, who isn’t? Right!

No… I mean, seriously struggling, and the thing of it is, I have my degree in Computer Technology but it was focused mainly on hardware, not software and I graduated in 1983 (YIKES!). Looking back, I should’ve studied programming instead but you know, shoulda, woulda, coulda, the three deadliest phrases known to man.

I remember working on IBM PC’s back then, it was a cinch to repair their hardware. I also remember working on Macs or trying to anyway. You see, the Power Supply was locked – up, welded in, you couldn’t get to it, to work on it. One had to send it to Apple Headquarters (dun, dun, dun!!!) to get a very expensive replacement. STTTTRRRIIIKE 1,2 & 3!!! And so it began, The Great…

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The Second Feminist Movement? My comment.

By the Bay Production Co

Yes! I worked in a male-dominated field. I got my degree in Computer Technology (the hardware side) in 1983, not to prove anything really, I just knew that knowing about computers… would be essential in the workplace.

I landed a job at a Microelectronics Manufacturer as a test technician, testing microchips using “mspecs” (Military specifications), which, of course, were very specific.
We had to set-up our workstations with the specified equipment for each test of each chip, i.e.; voltmeters, frequency generators and so on, thus there was usually quite a number of different test equipment machines that you had to set up, and the earlier you got there, read your specs and knew what to get, the earlier you could set-up your workstations.

Since there were but a few “good” test equipment machines, it was kind of a race to get done first to get the best equipment.
So… many…

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